Welcome To Cyberspace!Welcome! My name is D Deryl Downey operating under the d.b.a of Cyberspace Technologies Group, LLC. What problem(s) can I solve for you today? Whether you are seeking to have a computer repaired, have an issue with network security, seeking virus removal, custom software design, or even website creation, help is just a click or two away!

Why choose CSTG?

Why should you choose Cyberspace Technologies Group, LLC. for your computer needs? First and foremost, personal one on one service. I want to understand your needs so I can better serve you. I also want you to fully understand what the issues are with your computer, how to prevent them from happening in the future, and ways to safeguard yourself and your business from the bad guys. Secondly, I have the experience to handle both residential and commercial computer issues. I am highly experienced in Linux, Windows, and MacOS. So whatever your computer needs are, I am able to address them, and turn you into another satisfied customer.

Network/Cyber Security

What is network or cyber security? The computer industry is ever evolving. Malware, hackers, and cyber attacks are on the rise. Most people do not have the time, or knowlege, to protect themselves and are often vulnerable to these attacks. Without proper protection, businesses can allow themselves to be open to lawsuits due to breach of data, and can lose millions due to intellectual property theft and down time.

Residential computer users are often victims of identity theft, and can unknowingly leave open portals into their digital lives which can directly impact their everday life and family. More and more people are putting their lives on the internet through everything from online banking, online bill pay, online purchasing such as via eBay, and putting personal information on social media. It is extremely easy for the bad guys to reach their hands into your pockets, or bank account, from countries far away.


Computer issues standing in the way of a productive day? Give me a call right away! Nothing is more aggravating then having a To-Do list a mile long, only to turn on your computer to an evil Blue Screen of Death. In most cases, the remedy is quick and painless (but only if you know what you are doing). In these situations I always recommend the hands up, not hands on approach. Most often I find the initial situation has been made much worse by those that try to self diagnose and repair, without the proper knowledge or tools to do so.

Just as you would not try to perform your own surgery, some things are better left to the professionals. With a simple phone call, or email, I can usually walk you through a step by step repair or, in some cases, can fix your computer over the internet quickly. Where an emergency 'hands on' consultation is needed, I am usually available for same day emergency repair.

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